Sophrology in individual session

Session involving a relaxation phase, the elimination of tensions and the treatment technique according to your needs.

Allowance to save the technique to benefit then at home.

Hypnotherapy in individual session and selfhypnosis

Sessions starting with a preparatory relaxation phase followed by the planned programming.

A training of selfhypnosis is proposed to you to consolidate this new state of well-being.


In-company program of group training sessions to develop a serene and positive attitude for all employees. Each one develops his capacities, transforms them into resources beneficial for himself and for the performance of the company.

The sessions include a thematic presentation followed by an evolving practice session of sophrology.


Main themes :


  • Somatize the positive and promote communication.

  • Deal with stressful situations and eliminate tensions.

  • Learn to disconnect and adopt a positive attitude towards the future.

  • Manage your time to gain serenity, efficiency and creativity.

  • Live your personal values and develop abilities in team work.

Weekly group training from 4 people, based on dynamic relaxation techniques and activation of body and mind.


These regular trainings promote your physical well-being by developing the positive perception of your body, strengthening your positive attitudes on a daily basis, good management of your emotional states and the optimization of your capacities.

Your resources emerge to be fully used in your life circumstances and to achieve your goal.


Main themes:

  • Improve the quality of your life.

  • Become aware of your body diagram.

  • Release and eliminate physical and mental tensions.

  • Activate your vital energy.

  • Stop reproducing repetitive negative patterns.

  • Somatize the positive and project it into your future.



& Reimbursement 


Individual one-hour session: CHF 130.-

Sophrology in group: CHF 25.- per person for one-hour.

Sophrology in company: estimate according to the number of sessions and participants.

Extra-travel according to estimate.

Sophrology and hypnosis are approved by asca for reimbursement or contribution to costs

according to the conditions of your supplementary insurance.

 We recommended that you check the terms of your insurance contract

and to make sure that your insurer is under asca agreement, follow this link 

Sophrology and hypnotherapy provide non-medicinal support but do not replace medical treatments.

Therapist approved
for sophrology & hypnosis
in Geneva, Nyon, Gland, your home

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